Post-Disaster Recovery Internet Project The WIDE project, immediately after the earthquake, teamed up with ICT industry, universities and research institutes to launch a voluntary project called “PDRnet project” which will support disaster recovery activities in the suffered area by utilizing ICT.

WIDE Project Statement on Internet Governance The following is a brief summary of points for consideration, by the WIDE Project (*1).
With the active participation of individual researchers and engineers throughout the history of the development of the Internet, the Internet infrastructure in almost all countries around the world has been built and maintained by the private sector.


Mr. Yasuhiro Orange Morishita (Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.) won the poster award in WIDE 2014 autumn camp meeting from...
Mr. Yuuki Takano (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) won the poster award in WIDE 2014 May meeting...
Ms. Miki Kunitomo (Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University) won the poster award in WIDE 2014 spring camp meeting held at the ...
Research Activity Network Infrastructure Activity
■WIDE cloud ■M Root DNS Server
Research and development on methods of VM resource management for research activities ans services. M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET has been operational since Aug 1997 in Tokyo, JAPAN by WIDE Project.
■live-with-ipv6 WG ■NSPIXP
This WG is aimed to share problems, TIPS, current status on IPv6 only access / translation techniques among WIDE Project and other communities, for living with IPv6. Verifies the problems associated with interconnecting ISP (Internet Service Providers) through the operation of Internet exchanges such as DIX-IE and NSPIXP-3.
■WI WG  
Research and develop more robust and flexible Internet construction technology using wireless communication networks.  
We discuss supporting software for network testbed based on actual nodes and their usage.  
■NERDBOX Freaks  
A WG for NERDBOX freaks  

WORLD IPv6 LAUNCH 6 June 2012

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