Farewell to Dr. Bill Manning

We deeply miss Bill Manning.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to Julie and his family.

Bill was a great contributor as a member of the WIDE Project. He frequently participated in our semi-annual WIDE Camp, flying all the way to Japan, spending a lot of time with us, and serving as a valued advisor by sharing his deep expertise on Internet technology and policy to all of the WIDE Project members.

It’s been a long time since I met him for the first time at a UNIX meeting. Bill and I have been living in the same technology space for decades. We had endless, stimulating discussions: on the Internet, DNS, root servers, ICANN, and life. We talked a lot about our own lives and different ways to live a life. One outcome of the discussions was that we agreed to take on the challenge of getting him a Ph.D. with me, in order to put some new meaning into his life. (He was the 47th person to receive a Ph.D. under my supervision.)

He was a great thinker and talker. I will miss his way of talking, with his smile and sometimes with very strong passion. I will cherish all my memories of Bill.


Thank you very much for the precious time you spent with the WIDE Project, and for all the memorable moments you spent with me.

Rest in peace,

Jun Murai
January 27, 2020