Network Operation Infrastructure

The Internet has already become a part of social infrastructure and became indispensable to our lives. Not only computers and people, various things are connected to each other, and the Internet is still expanding. In order to deliver the vast amount of data generated in our life to the world, a stable network is necessary. We are engaged in R&D on advanced Internet operation technologies.

Service Infrastructure

Due to the nature of the Internet that end nodes implement services, a wide variety of network services have been invented. Internet service is not only for computer engineers, it is developing as a way to realize the demands of everyone. Here we will introduce some of the R & D topics of the service infrastructure that the WIDE project is working on.

Security Infrastructure

As the number of nodes connecting to the Internet has increased, the number of attacks aimed at them has also increased. Protection of privacy is becoming increasingly important as personal information exchanged has increased. The WIDE project is working on R & D of security infrastructure for safe and secure Internet.