WIDE Project Research & Operation

Research on our left hand,operation on our right hand. Supporting social infrastructure with both hands.

The Internet is a technology that knows no boundaries. Its expansion of scale gives rise to innovative technologies, and changes in optimal methodologies make it necessary to conduct case-by-case implementation experiments. The WIDE Project with its motto of "Research on our left hand, operation on our right hand." is the first in Japan to establish a collaborative research foundation, the "WIDE Internet" on the Internet. While operational, the "WIDE Internet" also functions as a site for experiments. Research results are fed back to operations to build more efficient network environment for society and the business community.


Software Defined Media

The importance of R & D on viewing media that creates a sense of unity on a global scale has increased, and it is important to design a video and audio viewing space and a viewing media on the global Internet. Software Defined Media is studying the technology to connect the recording environment and the playback environment in the Internet bidirectionally and to create a place with realistic feeling by exchanging viewing objects of media information with 3 dimensional representation using cloud processing power.

Software Defined Media 表図

StarBED4 Project

The StarBED 4 project is conducting R & D to provide a platform that enables verification of IoT technology. IoT technology is introduced more closely to people's fields and strongly influences our lives than ICT technology applied to the core network which previous StarBED projects have focused on as a target of verification. Particularly since the control of home appliances has an influence on the human body, the technology and product safety should be carefully verified. StarBED 4 plays an important role as a place to verify IoT technology on a large scale.

StarBED4 プロジェクト 表図

Internet Exchange

In this project, we are trying to clarify the problems for smoothly interconnecting the Internet operators, to prevent the congestion caused by remarkable growth of video traffic and mobile traffic, and to study the solution technology. We are also studying application of Internet Exchange (IX) of Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology. The Programmable Internet Exchange (PIXIE) is our approach to develop technologies of flexible control of traffic and security functions to avoid and prevent attacks, and to establish operation technologies for secure Internet operation.

Software Defined Media 表図

YETI - A Live Root-DNSTestbed

Root DNS Server is a server corresponding to the root of the domain name which is the name space of the tree structure, and it is essential server for the resolution of the domain name which is currently used in the Internet. Root servers have various requirements. When implementing them, we need to verify carefully to prevent the new code does not break the existing DNS system. WIDE Project, Farsight Security, and Beijing Internet Institute are operating a live testbed specializing in Root server verification called Yeti. More information can be found at http://www.yeti-dns.org/.

100Gbps class networking

Unlike commercial networks, large bandwidth is used in academic networks by a small number of users. The amount of data generated by researchers such as high energy physics and astronomy continues to increase year after year, and there has been a demand for researchers from all over the world to access such data for academic purposes. Under these circumstances, operation of networks exceeding 100 Gbps and international interconnection are being deployed, but there are still many technical challenges remaining in the operation of 100 Gbps networks. The WIDE project is continuing research to maintain stable operation in cooperation with network equipment vendors.