First 100Gbps International Research and Education Network Backbone Association in Asia

NICT, NSCC, and SingAREN have completed installation of the first 100Gbps international research and education networks in the Asia Pacific region between Singapore and Tokyo via Hong Kong. With the combination of other 100Gbps links including a 100Gbps link between Los Angeles and Singapore operated by SingAREN and Internet2, and a 100Gbps link known as "TransPAC/PacificWave" link, it has been agreed to operate these 100Gbps links collaboratively as the APR (Asia Pacific Ring) network to provide robust and high bandwidth connectivity to the researchers.

As the WIDE Project jointly operates the "TransPAC/PacificWave" 100Gbps link with PacificWave, it has been invited to join APR. APR includes SingAREN (SG), NICT (JP), NII (JP), Internet2 (US), Pacific Wave (US), TransPAC (US) along with WIDE Project (JP).