Suguru Yamaguchi has passed away (May 9, 2016)

Professor Suguru Yamaguchi, who is a founding member and is the active board member of WIDE project, has taken an eternal sleep on May 9th 2016. We want to sincerely pray for his precious soul with our best respect and gratitude to Professor Suguru Yamaguchi.

We call him “suguru”, which is his handle name on the computer networks and his first name. suguru has worked with wide variety of organizations and individuals regarding the Internet on the Earth. His contribution is not only Japan, but is also all over the world such as Asia and Africa. His work, contribution and outstanding leadership is truly global. He contributed the creation and delivery of the Internet development and deployment of the global Internet, and the delivery of platform for the future of the planet and for the next generation. His collaboration and cooperation is with all the stakeholders related with the Internet, which are academia, industry and government. He has worked with from young students to leaders of Japanese government and global organizations, with his outstanding leadership.

We are planning some opportunities to express our respects and gratitude to suguru, with related organizations, such as NAIST, CKP or JPCERT/CC. Please stay tune for our announcement for these opportunities, with your praying for suguru.

Once again, we want to sincerely pray for Professor Suguru Yamaguchi’s precious soul with our best respect and gratitude to him.

May 12, 2016
Jun Murai, Founder, WIDE Project
Hiroshi Esaki, Director, WIDE Project