Application Area

To discuss deployment, testing and adaptation using internet application.


  • Wireless Location Platform (WiL) WG
  • Theme : Research and Development of Wireless Location Platform.
  • Chair : Nobuo Kawaguchi
  • Started : 2006/05/30

Recent advancement of wireless technology enables the ubiquitous deployment of WiFi Access Points. WiL WG develop a "Wireless Location Platform" without GPS technology by creating a "WiFi Location Database" which maps WiFi AP with location info. Locky platform will enable 3-20m accuracy at indoor and 20-50m accuracy at outdoor environment. WiL WG also utilize other wireless technologies such as WiMAX, GSM, IMT-2000, PHS.

Followings are research and development topics of WiL WG.

  • Development and management of wireless location portal Locky.jp
  • Standardization of WiFi Location DB
  • Standardization of 3D Building / Structure maps
  • Research and development of WiFi location softwares
  • Research and development of wireless location applications
  • Collaboration with other organizations for application of WLP
  • International academic collaboration

milestone :

FY 2006 2006/08 Manual for Locky systems
  2006/09 1st WiL (then Locky) WG meeting at WIDE Camp
  2006/12 Construction of WiFi Location DB(WLDB) with 100,000 APs.
WIDE Beta test of WLDB.
Study of 3Dmap for indoor building/structures.
  2007/01 Initial start of Locky.jp information service
  2007/03 Construction of WiFi Location DB(WLDB) with 200,000 APs.
Definition of 3Dmap for indoor building/structures.
Public Beta test of WLDB.
Locky Test at WIDE Camp.
FY 2007 2007 04-10 Prototyping for WLDB device.
Definition of 3Dmap for indoor building/structures.
  2007 10- Locky implementation for 3D-map.
PR for Locky.
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  • SOIリンク
  • AIIIリンク
WIDE Award