Operation/Management Area

To discuss internet and server management/operation technology.


  • Theme : This working group designs and operates the WIDE Internet.
  • Chair : Hiroaki Hazeyama, Takashi Tomine, Takao Kondo
  • Started : 2002/10/23

TWO wg has responsibility of designing and operating the network backbone of WIDE Project. The working items are

  • introduction and verification of new technologies,
  • developing techniques and skills for operations, and
  • experimentations of video conference and data transfer collabolating with oterh WGs.

milestone :

2006/12 Deploy RSTO on VLAN 4
2007/01 Connect to DIX-IE via 10GbE
2007/01 Inter-AS Multicast Routing between AS2500 and APAN
2007/01 Inter-AS Traceback
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  • SOIリンク
  • AIIIリンク
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