Operation/Management Area

To discuss internet and server management/operation technology.

Trouble Ticket System

  • Theme : This working group aims to design a trouble ticket system which is suitable for distributed operators on wide area network.
    We discuss about that, then implement and release a system actually.
  • Chair : Naoto Morishima, Katsuyuki Hasebe, Shunsuke Fujieda
  • Started : 2003/10/02

We will develop an information sharing system for network operators. It helps them to work on a wide area network where a lot of equipments and operators are distributed to many locations. We discussed what need to be implmented on such a system, and implement an appropriate one for an actual case.

There are three main points to be considered on the development; (a) extensibility, (b) robustness and (c) easiness of installation.

  1. Extensibility
    It is reasonable that each group of operators has its own workflow and requirements for information sharing system. Thus a trouble ticket system(TTS) should have a flexible structure which can be changed or extended easily corresponding to each situation.
  2. Robustness
    We believe that a TTS should be available on anytime and anywhere. To achive this, we are considering distributed network based architecture. Thus it must be robust against troubles on a network which the system works on. For example, even it work when network have some troubles, it must be designed under decentralized architecture, and such distributed system should be able to keep a consistency after recovery.
  3. Easiness of installation
    We aims to develop a system which is independent form backend databases and frontend of users. To achive this, we provide a protocol on which each separated modules can be connected each other. The backend system would be developed on a collaboration with XIRD-WG.

On the other hand, we aim to integrate task management and trouble shooting. Network problems should be solved immediately but sometimes they inform us of issues which should be considered or handled for long-term. They require concecutive works, so we will develop a task management system which supports follow-up and infomation shareing about such issues.

milestone :

2004/12 Implement a prototype backyard databases of TTS, collaborating with XIRD-WG.
2005/02 Implement a prototype TTS with a web-based front-end
2005/03 Implement a prototype task management system
2005/06 Evaluation of our TTS on a real operation at N+I2005 Tokyo
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