Transport Area

Discussing the 4th and upper layer protocol and in case, 2nd layer.


  • Theme : Research and development for next generation transport protocols
  • Chair : Masahiro Kozuka, Shin Maruyama, Yoshifumi Nishida
  • Started : 2004/12/18

This working group discusses SCTP(Stream Control Transmission Protocol) which is getting attention in the IETF community as the successor of TCP.
This working group also disucsses other transport protocols such as DCCP(Datagram Congestion Control Protocol) or generic issues related to the Transport Protocol as the needs arise.

milestone :

- 2007/1Q Discussion about SCTP API spec, issue for SCTP with DNS and SCTP-TCP Translator.
Research for multi-home and mobilility issues in SCTP
Development for DCCP reference implementation
- 2007/2Q Implement proposed methods
- 2007/3Q Evaluate proposed methods through some expeiments in WIDE Camp
- 2007/4Q Submit papers and I-Ds for proposed methods.
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  • SOIリンク
  • AIIIリンク
WIDE Award