Transport Area

Discussing the 4th and upper layer protocol and in case, 2nd layer.

Scalabel Adaptive Multicast (sam)

  • Theme : Discussion on group communication technology such as Scalable Adaptive Multicast.
  • Chair : Nobuo Kawaguchi, Eiichi Muramoto
  • Started : 2008/3/10

SAM-WG researches on the multicast technologies suitable for small but many groups which is necessary for group communication or gaming via the Internet. Collaborating with SAM-RG in IRTF and related research group such as XCAST-WG in AI3, we investigate the harmonizing technology between XCAST and ALM, and explore the application such as remote sensor control and develop SAMTK which provides the platform for both application researchers and network protocol researchers. Also we promote the standardization and spreading of XCAST6 keeping the relationship between open source communities. Using various testbed, we perform various field experiments to promote and accelerate R&D activities of IPv6 and related technologies.

milestone :

- Development of SAMTK itself and applications
- Research on the technologies of testbed for spreading new network technology
- Development and standardization of XCAST2.0
- Keep the relationship with open source communities
- Operation of WIDE X6Bone

Last update : 2008/4/8

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