Internet Area

Discussing the 3rd layer protocol.


  • Theme : Analysis of routing information and consideration of next-generation routing technology
  • Chair : Hideaki Imaizumi, Kenichi Nagami
  • Started : 2003/09/26

This working group discusses an analysis of routing information.
Especially, the following items are considered.

  1. Analysis of OSPF routing information
  2. Analysis of BGP routing information
  3. Measurement of routing information of the WIDE backbone

Reffering to results of these analysis and other papers, this group clarifies current problems to be solved.
Moreover this group discusses network architecture and protoc ols for next-generation routing technology including unicast and multicast.


2005/9 Analysis of TCP flow using routing information in the large network
2005/9 Initial results on the estimation of the impact that the LSA change brings to the network reachability
2005/9 Summary of the factors that make troubleshooting difficult
2005/9 Survey of current problems of routing technology and existing approach to the problems.
2006/3 Suggestion for network architecture of next-generation internet
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