Operation/Management Area

To discuss internet and server management/operation technology.

network management (netman)

  • Theme : Research about management technology of distributed network management.
  • Chair : Glenn Mansfield Keeni, Kazuhide Koide
  • Started : 2004/02/16

The research topic of this WG is a development of technologies for effective management system about distributed system that have large number of equipments. Our research field is a large high-bandwidth network, and we discuss network management, security, and develop tools. Especially we place emphasis on:

  • A large distributed management framework
  • Methodology of management
  • Mobility support
  • Performance

milestone :

2005/03 Research about reporting method for users about management information on JGN-II
2005/03 Development of automatic collected-data multiplexing technology
2005/03 Development of effective maintenance technology for large number of monitoring equipments.
2005/03 Proposition of effective format to save monitored data
whenever Discussion about monitoring WIDE NOC
  Passive monitoring of 10G-link (by tapping)**
  Development of auto-configured monitoring system
  Development of monitoring system for GMPLS

CpMonitor (http://www.cysol.co.jp/products/cpmonitor/index_j.html)
In-Line 10/100M Ethernet Tap PCI Card (http://www.cysol.co.jp/products/ctap/index_j.html)

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  • SOIリンク
  • AIIIリンク
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