Security Area

To discuss security on internet.

moCA (members oriented Certification Authority)

  • Theme : PKI operation experiment and deployment in WIDE project.
  • Chair : Mine Sakurai, Taiji Kimura
  • Started : 2002/10/24
  1. Establishing management of moCA
    We'll have mechanisms for easy operations of moCA and keeping human resources. These works will have preparing documents and adding mechanisms with ICAP.
  2. Experiment of use of key-pairs for WIDE members
    We'll propose a useful scene with Web pages that must be accessed by WIDE members with WIDE member certificates. They are used by WIDE members with controled access. Key-pairs for WIDE members are also used for S/MIME.

    Assumed scenes:
    - All wide-confidential Web pages
    - Submission forms for WIDE camp
    - Using S/MIME
  3. Discussions on application using certificates
    We'll have discussions not only for improving usefulness with key-pairs but also usefulness of certificate itself. Discussions would be on managing validity of certificates and use of each fields.

milestone :

Sep. 2007 Know-how documentation drafting
Improvement by our first plan:
B-1. Know-how documentation
B-2. improvement of publishing WIDE ROOT CA fingerprint
Dec. 2007 deadline of the improvement
Jan. 2008 writing annual report about the improvement
Mar. 2008 review of the improvement plan (at WIDE camp)
May. 2008 evaluation of the improvement
Jun. 2008 update of the server/WIDE member certificates
Sep. 2008 planning for second improvement
A-2. ECDSA version
B-3. easy explanation of S/MIME signature
Jan. 2009 writing annual report about the improvement
Mar. 2009 review of the improvement plan (at WIDE camp)
May. 2009 evaluation of the improvement

Last update : 2007/10/01

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