Operation/Management Area

To discuss internet and server management/operation technology.


  • Theme : Research related to IP multicast operation and application development.
  • Chair : Katsuhiro Horiba
  • Started : 2006/3/17

This working group focuses on the research related to IP multicast operation and application development.
In our experimental work, we study IP multicast operation in Inter- and Intra-ASes and develop actual application implementations towards IP multicast deployment.

milestone :

(2006/08) Enabling IP Multicast on the WIDE BB and housing bases.

  • Installation of monitoring tools in the BB.
  • Measureing statistical trends in the BB.

Establishment of peering relations with other ASes(AI3/Internet2/Renatar) to operate Inter-AS multicast.

  • (2006/08)Measuring statistical trends in AI3 networks.
  • (2007/03)Study on Inter-AS multicast operation and management.

(2007/03) Analyzing the next generation IP multicast routing protocol.

  • Study of Directory-based IP multicast routing.
  • Study of IP multicast routing protocol working with MPLS.

Study of IP multicast application and service deployment.

  • Study of IP multicast streaming by cooperating with 10G WG.
    (2006/09) (Layered Multicast development and operation)
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