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KAME Project

  • Theme : A joint effort to provide a free IPv6 and IPsec stack for BSD variants to the world.
  • Chair : Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Tatuya Jinmei
  • Home Page : http://www.kame.net/
  • Started : 2002/11/05

The KAME Project is a joint effort to create a single solid software set, especially targeting IPv6/IPsec (IP security).
Researchers from several Japanese major companies are working on the project.

The KAME Project aims to provide FREE reference implementations of

  • IPv6
  • IPsec (for both IPv4 and IPv6)
  • advanced internetworking such as advanced packet queuing, mobility, and whatever interesting on BSD variants.

Standardization on these areas is another important goal in this project. We have published several RFCs, and are working on many internet drafts.

The latest status of the project is available at the following

milestone :

2005/11 incorporate the latest Neighbor Discovery (NDP) implementation in KAME snapshots into FreeBSD
2006/01 incorporate recent updates in KAME snapshots into NetBSD, including changes for NDP, IPv6 scoped addresses, and the IPv6 advanced API
2006/03 incorporate the MLDv2/IGMPv3 implementation in KAME snapshots into FreeBSD

See the following link for further details:

  • NSPIXPリンク
  • SOIリンク
  • AIIIリンク
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