Application Area

To discuss deployment, testing and adaptation using internet application.


  • Theme : InternetCAR WG discuss technologies to connect automobiles to the Internet and its applications..
  • Chair : Masaaki Sato, Michiko Izumi
  • Started : 2002/10/17

We drive Automobile with several computers including Navigation System, and nowadays, it'll also have a role as a sensor which is used to grasp the situation and its locational information.

In InternetCAR WG, we discuss a framework to make automobiles work as nodes on the Internet.
To be more precise, we thrash out the requirements and some technical issues to develop the framework for data architecture of automobiles in view of the following point:

  • How to connect automobiles to the Internet
  • How to obtain drive-by data from automobiles via the Internet
  • How to design the mechanism we can share information between some automobiles most effectively

Our main sphere of activity is as follows:

  1. System development and setting up of the verification environment
  2. Demonstration experiments with some related organizations like InternetITS Consortium
  3. Standardization activity at IETF and ISO

milestone :

whenever Update the mile-stone
2005/05 ICAR camp(for implementation)
2005/06 WIDE meeting
2005/06 ICAR application contest
2005/08 ICAR camp(for implementation ... if we need)
2005/09 WIDE CAMP(Discussing WG direction for latter 2005)
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