Transport Area

Discussing the 4th and upper layer protocol and in case, 2nd layer.


  • Theme : Discuss issues regarding DNS protocol itself and DNS operation.
  • Chair : Tomohiro Ishihara, Yuji Sekiya
  • Started : 2002/11/12

DNS WG will research DNS operational issues and resolve issues regarding the DNS protocol itself. The work items are (1) surveying and analyzing attacks against DNS and researching the method for preventing the attacks, (2) improving and deploying DNSSEC or implementing a new technology to prevent the attacks and (3) surveying operational and implementation issues regarding DNS and developing solutions.


2005/02 Publish a document about advantages of DNSSEC
- 2005/02 Write a paper of DNS man in the middle attack experiment results.
2005/01 - 2005/03 Develop a resolver library to prevent the attack.
2005/03 - 2005/06 Experiment the resolver.
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