General and Deployment Area

To discuss generals and deployment not listed above.


  • Theme : We discuss supporting software for network testbed based on actual nodes and their usage.
  • Chair : Masatoshi Enomoto, Satoshi Ohta
  • Started : 2003/09/02

This working group discusses issues on functions and design of support software for users who use large scale network testbed based on actual nodes like StarBED or GARIT, and also discuss about usage of these environment.

Moreover, we discuss these topics about VM Nebula which is practical estimation testbed based on virtual machines.

However, we discuss topics about practical estimation testbeds and network experiments unhampered by these topics.

Current topics are following.

  • Generic design of supporting software for experiments
  • Integrate multiple testbeds for making effective experiments
  • Build realistic topologies for experiments
  • Visualizations


whenever Supporting for StarBED/GARIT/VM Nebula users
- 2007/9 Organize the functions for supporting software and implement it on SpringOS
- 2007/9 Organize phases of network experiment
- 2007/9 Build Internet using several thousand nodes on a testbed
- 2007/9 Comparison results between using simulation and testbed based on actual nodes
- 2008/3 Suspend/resume_an_experiment_on_StarBED
- 2008/3 Measure_fidelity_of_emulated_network_environment
- 2008/3 Organize topologies for experiments and decide topologies for each experiment
2008/3 Discussing WG direction for 2008
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