Concluded Working Groups

YAICS (Yet Another Internet Communication Style)

  • Theme:Building an environment enabling information exchange with the Internet without constraints on time or location
  • Chair:Makoto Niimi
  • Board in Charge:Hiroyuki Ohno
  • Expire Date:1996/3/21-1997/3/31

This work group concluded its activities in 1997, whereupon its research was continued by the WIDE Telecommunications (WT) work group.

Overview of research:

The task of this work group was to build an environment in which information could be exchanged with the Internet even without access to input devices such as a keyboard and a monitor.


September 1996: Research on potential for Internet access using existing communications equipment such as telephones and fax machines;
March 1997: Building and evaluation of a system for exchanging information with the Internet using universally-available equipment such as telephones and fax machines.
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