Concluded Working Groups

WT (WIDE Telecommunications)

  • Theme:Realizing convergence between the Internet and other telecommunications media
  • Chair:Masahiko Kimoto, Makoto Niimi
  • Board in Charge:Hiroyuki Ohno
  • Expire Date:1997/11/30-1998/9/31


Realization of transparent Internet access using Internet-capable telephones and fax machines, and ordinary telephones and fax machines;
Development of an access platform realizing interconnection functions between the Internet and the existing telephone network;
Study and modeling of the role of the Internet as a backbone supporting diverse media.

Overview of research:

The WT work group carried out research with a view to creating a system to link the Internet with existing communications media. This work was a continuation of the activities of the concluded PhoneShell, YAICS and ITEL work groups. The WG's principal activities are listed below.
Participation in the IETF's Internet Fax work group;
Development of an access platform enabling the use of functions including Internet telephone and the WIDE PhoneShell;
Development of communications systems using the platform mentioned above;
Verification of interoperability;
Realization of transparent access using telephone lines and other Internet-capable equipment;
Research on the name space problem;
Research on encryption, verification and other security issues;
Research on charging systems;
Modeling and realization of an infrastructure enabling the convergence of diverse media.


In the first half of its life (October 1997 to March 1998), this work group developed a platform for experimentation, aiming to complete the platform in time for the March 98 WIDE camp. In concrete terms, this platform was designed so that telephone, fax and a pager could be used transparently on a single computer, thus providing an environment in which to develop applications using these media on the WIDE PhoneShell. In the second half of its life (March to September 1998), the group developed applications using this platform, and verified their interoperability.

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