Concluded Working Groups

Wireless LAN Operation (wlanops)

  • Theme : To find problems on the wireless LAN operation, to make proposals for their solutions and to develop the operating tools.
  • Chair : Masafumi OE, Atsushi Onoe
  • Area : Area 4 (Operation / Management Area)
  • Started : 2002/11/01
  • Expire Date : 2006/01/04

The wlanops WG has been established to learn about operational issues for IEEE 802.11 protocol based wireless LAN operation. The WG has been clearly operational issues through operations of wireless LAN service at WIDE workshops and IETF meetings. We have proposed resolutions to the issues and developed the management software. Our efforts are published as follows.

Masafumi Oe, Hiroaki Hazeyama, Seiichi Yamamoto, Sin Shirahata, ``An implementation and verification of IEEE 802.11 wireless network management system'', IEICE Transactions (in Japanese), Vol.J87-B, Num.10, pp.1607-1615, Oct 2004.

M.Oe, H.Hazeyama, S.Yamamoto, S.Shirahata, ``An Implementation and Verification of IEEE 802.11 Wireless Network Management System'', Electronics and Communications in Japan (Part I: Communications) Vol.88, Issue 12, pp.20-28, Dec 2005.

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