Concluded Working Groups


  • Theme:Implementation and evaluation of IPsec's IP security
  • Chair:Kazu Yamamoto
  • Board in Charge:Kazu Yamamoto
  • Expire Date:1996/9/13-1997/9/30


Since the characteristic of the Internet is shifting to business oriented, it is strongly desired to protect security and privacy on the IP level. Security enhancement challenges, so far, are closed to the vendors, so interoperability is a big concern. The IPsec working group, IETF, have discussed this issue for a long time then proposed an IP security architecture on RFC1825 in August, 1995. Since the RFC series of RFC1825, RFC1826, RFC1827, RFC1828, and RFC1829 is now on the standard track, many vendors would implement onto their products. The WHIPS working group will evaluate the security architecture by implementing multiple softwares and research on key management problems.


By the spring camp of 1997 the working group will implement multiple softowares for the authentication header with Keyed-MD5 and the encapsulating security payload with DES-CBC then evaluate their interoperability.
By the autumn camp of 1997 the working group will implement key management systems and evaluate their interoperability.


  • WIDE implementation of MD5
  • NSPIXPリンク
  • SOIリンク
  • AIIIリンク
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