Concluded Working Groups

Web AD

  • Theme:To start up AD server in WIDE project and to investigate the possibilities in further use.
  • Chair:Masakatsu Komiya
  • Board in Charge:Shin Yoshimura
  • Expire Date: -1999/3/31


  • Market in advertising on WWW is increasing very quickly. Total amount of it is 8,000million yen(only in Japan) in 1998 according to the forecast of DENTSU Co.,ltd. Many technologies has been developped and still it is in progress. We ,hopefully, get the further knowledge about that in evaluating some of it or in developping new one which has new thechnologies born in WIDE projrct.
  • For the first, we shuold run any AD server which can put banners on WIDE HP. We contribute the activities in WIDE project and investigate the function of targetted propagtion in a group and make it out the new way of appication of AD server.


  1. Evaluate AD server proto. untill the end of 1998
  2. Tutrial will be held about cookie programing until next WIDE Camp
  3. Test runs in other WGs in next Camp

Recent Activities:

Papers of WIDE Camp BOF in Sep/1998

  • NSPIXPリンク
  • SOIリンク
  • AIIIリンク
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