Concluded Working Groups

W4C (World Wide Web Cache)

  • Theme:WWW Cache and Proxy Technology
  • Chair:Yoshinori Sakamoto
  • Board in Charge:Yoichi Shinoda
  • Expire Date: -1999/3/31


Improvement of http response;
Reduction of WIDE Internet traffic;
Reduction of burden on WWW servers;
Establishment of WWW cache evaluation method.

Overview of research:

Http is the protocol used predominantly on the Internet, and network backbones are under huge pressure. On the other hand, user demand on the Web is growing relentlessly, and there is an increasing demand for an instant response to data requests. Therefore, the W4C WG set out to use http cache technology to reduce traffic on the WIDE backbone, and evaluated the beneficial effect this had on http response.

Recent activities:

www.niit.pref.nara.jp/WIDE/ (This site is currently accessible to members only.)

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