Concluded Working Groups

IPv6 Mobility (v6mob)

  • Theme:To discuss Ipv6 protocols and their adaptation, then doing actual proof through equipment/operation.
  • Chair:Keiichi Shima, Mitsunobu Kunishi
  • Started:2002/10/22
  • Expire Date:2004/03/23


IPv6 Mobility WG was established as a place to discuss technologies related to layer 3 mobility. The WG mainly consisted of developers and researchers of Mobile IPv6 and LIN6 related technologies. The WG had several meetings and presentations through its activity.
In April 2003, the Nautilus6 WG which intends to deploy IP mobility technologies was established. IPv6 mobility WG decided to close its activity since most of Mobile IPv6 researchers and developers moved their main work place from this WG to the Nautilus6 WG.

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