Concluded Working Groups

v6fix WG

  • Theme : This working group will work on fixing specification/implementation/operational problems that give IPv6 a negative impression, and thereby promote further migration to IPv6.
  • Chair : Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Ruri Hiromi
  • Home Page : http://v6fix.net/ server hosted by USAGI-WG
  • Started : 2005-12-26
  • Expire Date : 2007-04-09

Project report

  • Analyzed a well-known connectivity problem with the "captive portal" system used for Internet connectivity services at hotels.
  • Published the information from analysis at database web page.
  • Published all documents and tools at web site.
  • Summarized and issued problematic protocol specifications taken into IETF and fixed.
  • Developed a DNS investigation tool and summarized into documents.
  • Published the documents about DNS investigation to IETF, academic papers, presentation slides and web pages.
  • Issued possible problems for deprecation of ip6.int.
  • Developed a method and tool to assess the network quality.
  • Presented at IETF, RIR and *NOGs' meetings.
  • NSPIXPリンク
  • SOIリンク
  • AIIIリンク
WIDE Award