Concluded Working Groups


  • Theme: Research on streaming technology and its operations
  • Chair: Michikazu Watanabe, Hiroyuki Inoue
  • Area: Area 4 (Operation/Management Area)
  • Started: 2004/03/01
  • Expire Date: 2005/03/31

Overview of research:

Through discussion and implementation of streaming technologies such as video and voice distribution and the operations on the Internet, we will improve the technologies, apply them to the real Internet, and enlarge our expertise.


  • Study of bandwidth smoothing technology of streaming data, and its evaluation of the effect to the loss or the jitter of packets.
    Experiment at the event of live streaming or VoD system.
  • Study of how to control the QoS of streaming from the client side.
  • Experiment of the long distance streaming transfer of HD-DV data using the Comet.
  • Report of the operation of remote class with a satellite transmission.
  • Experiment of the traffic control using the Comet.
  • Experiment of Comet TCP over satellite link at the WIDE camp 2004 autumn.
  • Proposal of the algorithm which determines timing with being the best playout rate selection from streaming client side.
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