Concluded Working Groups


  • Theme:Realizing a new resource reservation (RR) mechanism for IPv6
  • Chair:Atsuhi Shionozaki
  • Board in Charge:Fumio Teraoka
  • Expire Date:1996/5/2-1997/9/30

Overview of research:

Some RR protocols were proposed and implemented. However, these protocols had not yet been verified on wide-area networks, and needed to be integrated on a concrete basis with technologies such as ATM. The RT-Bone work group then focused on realizing protocols and mechanisms for real-time communications actually using RR on wide-area networks. An outline of the research procedure is given below.
First, ATM was used on a data link. ENI ATM was then incorporated in BSDOS. A resource reservation protocol (RSVP) was implemented in BSDOS/IPv6. Verification testing was carried out on RSVP/ATM using this environment. The queuing control mechanism needed for RR was researched and implemented. A new RR mechanism to replace RSVP was proposed, and a prototype was implemented. Testing was then carried out on a wide-area network.


Implementation of a new RR protocol

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WIDE Award