Concluded Working Groups

NOW (Network Operation for WIDE Internet)

  • Theme:Research on network operation on the Internet
  • Chair:Yasuo Tsuchimoto
  • Board in Charge:Hiroshi Kawazoe
  • Expire Date: -1997/3/31


Year-round operation of the WIDE Internet;
IP address control, and establishment of a group to plan the use of IP addresses;
Progressive acquisition of Internet operation technology;
Progressive acquisition and dissemination of technology by drafting operation technology;
Drafting of WIDE Network Operation Center (WNOC) topology maps and interconnection diagrams;
Formulation of naming schemes and naming conventions;
Compilation of a phone book;
Finalization and issuing of a draft naming scheme
Cooperating with each work group to create an environment in which experiments can be carried out smoothly on the WIDE Internet;
Training of human resources to support the next-generation WIDE Internet.

Overview of research:

Operating the WIDE Internet and using it to run experiments requires a wide range of technologies. A good deal of expertise in these technologies is acquired through experimentation, and as yet, there is no effective way to pass on this knowledge to the next generation. Therefore, while actually operating the WIDE Internet, the NOW work group set out to acquire technological knowledge and work towards more efficient ways of running the network. To the latter end, it has devoted active effort to the creation of helpful documentation.


Publication of reports including WNOC topology maps and router tables;
Authoring of a wide range of documentation for inclusion in reports;
Compilation of a phone book containing contact numbers for use in troubleshooting;
Drafting documentation for the purpose of amassing network operation technology;
Topology map and router table for Shonan Fujisawa Campus WNOC drawn up.

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