Concluded Working Groups


  • Theme:Upgrading the skills of newcomers to the WIDE Project
  • Chair:Naomi Fujimura
  • Board in Charge:Hiroshi Kawazoe
  • Expire Date:1996/4/26-1997/3/31


Enabling newcomers to the WIDE Project to integrate themselves more smoothly into the Project's activities, and to carry out their research more efficiently.

Overview of research:

Compilation of a glossary of WIDE terminology for the benefit of new members of the WIDE Project (i.e. members of less than a year's standing), and provision of assistance for new members in accustoming themselves to the WIDE set-up.


New members were automatically subscribed to the mailing list by sending a message to wide@wide.ad.jp, but could opt out later if they so desired. Members were automatically unsubscribed from the mailing list one year after joining the WIDE Project.
The wide@wide.ad.jp mailing list was also used to announce the launch of other mailing lists. Its own effectiveness was assessed a year after its launch.

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