Concluded Working Groups


  • Theme : Research and Development of operating system services for universal network control and their applications.
  • Chair : Sho Fujita, Hidekazu Kuroki, Takashi Okumura
  • Home Page:http://www.netnice.org/
  • Activity period : 2004/02 - 2006/02

We ported a prototype implementation of the hierarchical virtual network interface mechanism developed for FreeBSD onto various OSs. We also explored application of the control primitive, and promoted the novel model for end-host oriented network control.


T. Okumura and D. Mosse', "Virtualizing Network I/O on End-host Operating System: Operating System Support for Network Control and System Protection", IEEE Transactions on Computers, pp.1303-16, Oct 2004.

T. Okumura, "Netnice : a general primitive for end-host oriented network control - its overview and future direction", IPSJ Computer System Symposium 2005, Nov 2005. (Invited Paper).

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