Concluded Working Groups

MC (MultiCast)

  • Theme:Research on Internet multicast architecture
  • Chair:Hiroyuki Kusumoto
  • Board in Charge:Hiroyuki Kusumoto
  • Expire Date:1997/3-2001/3


Building multicast applications
Establishment of multicast backbone operation technology

Overview of research:

Having mapped out the problems posed by running MBONE in Japan, the MC work group developed route control software and other technology needed to solve these problems. The group worked closely with the WISH (WIDE Internet With Satellite Harmonization) work group, and developed, tested and evaluated the performance of multicast applications.


By September 1996, this work group had addressed routing control and routing control loop problems occurring in multiple international connections and, through existing initial TTL (time-to-live) and routing control architecture using pruing, had arrived at a technological solution for the stable operation of MBONE in Japan, based on routing control architecture. By March 1997, the group had built multicast applications and was evaluating them by running verification tests.

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