Concluded Working Groups

lifelong network

  • Theme:Building an environment allowing networks to be used by people at all life stages
  • Chair:Masaya Nakayama
  • Board in Charge:Yoshiki Ishida
  • Expire Date:1999/4/1-2000/3/31


  • Formulation of a general definition of an Internet environment designed to facilitate use by people at all stages of life;
  • Use of the Internet in educational institutions of all levels.

Overview of research:

More and more educational institutions of all levels?especially elementary, middle and high schools?are starting to use the Internet. Extrapolating from this trend, it can be predicted that in the future, people will be using the Internet from early childhood right through until old age. However, sufficient consideration has not yet been given to what people want from the Internet at different stages in their life, and how the Internet environment could meet their needs. Nor have Internet usage methods been established that are suited to the kinds of institutions attended by people of different age groups.
Since 1999, The Lifelong Network work group has been working towards a definition of an Internet environment suitable for continual lifelong use. It has also been exploring Internet usage methods for use at the types of institutions people belong to at different stages in life, with particular focus on elementary and middle schools.
The work group has also been considering new ways in which the Internet can be made available in the home, and new ways of using it there. It has also designed some appealing applications for this purpose.


By providing support for ThinkQuest '99 and ThinkQuest@Japan '99, this work group explored methods for using the Internet at elementary and middle schools.
In March 2003, prototypes of computer-aided instruction (CAI) tools made available in schools for experimental use and evaluation.
The work group formulated a general specification for an Internet environment designed for lifelong use.


Recent activities

  • Proposal for scaleable domain name space for use by individuals;
  • Research on domain name space for schools.
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  • SOIリンク
  • AIIIリンク
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