Concluded Working Groups


  • Theme:Research and development for LIFELINE technologies to enable Internet to be an emergency information infrastructure, and also training and exercises for Internet Disaster Support Drill
  • Chair:Nobuhiko Tada, Hiroshi Takechi
  • Board in Charge:Susumu Sano
  • Expire Date:1997/9-2001/3
  • Home Page:www.iaa.wide.ad.jp/index.html


Our mission is first to consider Internet as a useful information infrastructure when disaster strikes, to study requirements for useful disaster support system on it, to implement operational systems actually, and to evaluate them. The keys are the following:

  • Study on how to use Internet when disaster strikes
  • Study on how to achieve Internet connectivity when disaster strikes
  • Implementation, operation and evaluation for our disaster support system
  • Preparation of COLOR BOOKS as guidelines to use Internet in disaster time


96/04/30 Report on the 1st Internet Disaster Support Drill
96/06 Presentation in INET'96
96/07/10 Presentation in Internet Conference '96, Japan
96/09 Sample Implementation for automatic registration system of WIDE Camp '96 (Fall)
97/01/17 Practice of the 2nd Internet Disaster Support Drill
97/03 Report on the 2nd Internet Disaster Support Drill
98/01/06 Announcement of the detail for the 3rd Internet Disaster Support Drill
98/01/17-18 Practice of the 3rd Internet Disaster Support Drill
98/03 Report on the 3rd Internet Disaster Support Drill


Recent Activities:

See details of our activities and goals on the Internet Disaster Support Drill.

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