Concluded Working Groups

Inter ISP

  • Theme:Exploring the technological issues to be addressed regarding interconnection between multiple Internet service providers (ISPs) at multiple locations
  • Chair:Toshiya Asaba
  • Board in Charge:Osamu Nakamura
  • Expire Date: -1997/3/31

Overview of research:

Japan has seen a mushrooming of home-grown ISPs, connecting to the Internet overseas using multiple routes. This has led to a situation where traffic between ISPs in Japan sometimes ended up being routed overseas. 1996 saw the roll-out of new Network Service Provider Internet eXchange Points enabling interconnection between ISPs in Japan, raising the prospect of an increase in inter-ISP traffic in Japan. In view of this situation, the InterISP work group set out to improve the interoperability of Japan's ISPs by pinpointing the technological problems likely to emerge, and working towards solutions for these problems.
The achievement of this group was the formulation of a set of technological guidelines for interoperability between ISPs.


Up to July 1996 Identification and classification of technological problems;
Up to December 1996 Research on and verification of currently feasible techniques and application technologies for each technological item on the agenda;
Up to March 1997 Formulation of guidelines.
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