Concluded Working Groups


  • Theme:Dissemination of information about the WIDE Project to the world in general, and promotion of exchange of information within the WIDE Project
  • Chair:Hideki Sunahara
  • Board in Charge:Hideki Sunahara
  • Expire Date:1996/4/15-1996/9/30


Publication and updating of information on the Web at www.wide.ad.jp

Overview of research:

This work group provided information about the WIDE Project, in response to an ever-increasing number of inquiries from the outside world. As the Project grew in scale, the Info work group also addressed a perceived lack of information interchange within the Project. Using the website at www.wide.ad.jp, this group provided and updated information, keeping everyone apprised of what was going on at WIDE.


Throughout its life-span, the Info work group made information about WIDE available on the Web and kept it updated, meanwhile facilitating a smooth exchange of information within the WIDE Project.

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