Concluded Working Groups

igeoid (Internet GEOgraphical Information platform Development)

  • Theme : This working group discusses methods for acquision, management, circulation and use of geographic location information on the Internet
  • Chair : Yasuhito Watanabe
  • Started : 2005-06-15
  • Expire Date : 2009-03-12

Project report

In this WG, it has had a discussion about management to that acquisition and use of the position information in the Internet.
This working group has worked with the forum on Forum for Positioning Infrastructure Research.

The research issue was ULP(Universal Location Platform), which treats several positioning devices and location information expression seamelessly. Some members wrote a paper related to this research and it was published from IPSJ.

- Universal Location Platform: Design and implementation of location information system for general use
- Research on information cooperation platforms using location information: Map collaboration link
- A proposal of a location information platform which supports various reference system

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