Concluded Working Groups

IAA Developement (IAA-DEV)

  • Theme : We will have discussion and development of IAA system.It will enhance current version of IAA System's robustness and capability.
  • Chair : Yukimitsu Izawa, Taro Maruyama
  • Area : Area 5, Application Area
  • Started : 2002/11/20
  • Expired : 2006/01/24

We regard IAA system as appication system which is used on disaster case.
This system consist of two layer; upper and lower.

Upper layer : User interface layter

  • UI
  • Pre-registry model
  • Communication model
  • A point of view of social system
  • Etc.

Lower layer : robust information network

  • Information transport system
  • Data replication mechanism
  • etc

We have published several papers (in Japanese).
The papers are based on discussions of the IAA system development in working group BoFs.

  • NSPIXPリンク
  • SOIリンク
  • AIIIリンク
WIDE Award