Concluded Working Groups

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (gnss)

  • Theme : This working group discusses high accuracy positioning with GNSS and the Internet.
  • The immediate task is research and development of high-integrity reference station network.
  • Chair : Osamu Tobe, Makoto Ishii
  • Area : Area 5, Application Area
  • Started : 2003/06/26
  • Expired : 2005/07/08

GNSS WG was established in 2003 to research about high accuracy positioning with the Internet and Global Satellite Navigation Systems(GNSS).
We have set up the Internet reference station network as a testbed of high accuracy positioning infrastructure, which consists of five stations in Kanto and one station in Kansai, and we have conducted the experiment of offering the correction data from the Internet. The D-GPS correction data from this network is also provided with ICAR testbed environment.
Thesedays, the research theme of this WG has been not only positioning by GNSS but also "location platform", which deal with various positioning devices and expressions of location information uniformly.
Therefore in order to discuss the location information on the Internet from a broader perspective such as "acquision", "management", "circulation" and "use", we decide to merge this WG and GLI WG which has studied about the location information management mechanism, and move our work place to new WG.

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