Concluded Working Groups

GLI Geographical Location Information

  • Theme : The geographical location information systems (GLI System), which mainly manages vehicles and persons, this group focuses on improvement and deployment through the usual experiments.
  • Chair : Yasuhito Watanabe
  • Started : 2004-07-05
  • Expire Date : 2009-02-17

Project report

In this working group, various issues about geographical location information in the internet were studied. Especially GLI system as management system of the geographical location information was developed and its improvement and expantion were examined, designed and impremented. The GLI system was experimentally operation in the WIDE internet environment. To apply the system to the InternetCAR was discussed and developed. The following items are the output produced from the project activity.

  • design and implementation of GLI system
  • introductio distributed management function to GLI system
  • improvement of distributed management function
  • operational expelimentation of GLI system on the widely distributed environment
  • Geographical Location Information System with Privacy Protection
  • Privacy Control Method for Geographical Location Information Systems
  • the Geographical Location Information System with Privacy and Security Enhancement (GLIPSE) functions
  • GLI System with Location History and Accesary Information Management
  • GLI system with relative location information management
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  • SOIリンク
  • AIIIリンク
WIDE Award