Concluded Working Groups


  • Theme : This working group studies the capability and the operational issue on the Internet with DVB-RCS which provides both way satellite communication with a small erath station.
  • Chair : Jun Takei, Kotaro Kataoka
  • Expire Date : 2002/11/13 - 2006/4/28

DVB-RCS working group installed DVB-RCS terminals at Keio University and National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) to participate in the experimental trial which was organized by JSAT corporation.

This working group evaluated the characteristics and the link performance of DVB-RCS system to compare the actual performance with its written specification. And, NAOJ started a service to deliver pictures of landscape from Norikura observation station. This working group also participated in the network operation of WIDE camp and provided external connectivity from the camp site to the Internet. The experience through the camp-netowrk operation was summarized in the DVB-RCS operational manual.

This working group simulated and discussed the performance of data link protocols such as MPE, ULE, ATM and so on to deliver IP datagrams with maximizing encapsulation efficiency on MPEG-2 TS systems. This working group also brought a bachelor's thesis and publication at academic conference regarding utilizing DVB-RCS link as a broadcast capable multi-access link.

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