Concluded Working Groups

Diffserv (Differentiated Service)

  • Theme:Carrying out comprehensive Diffserv-related research and development in areas not covered by the IETF, with the aim of getting a service up and running as soon as possible.
  • Chair:Jun Ogawa
  • Board in Charge:Youki Kadobayashi
  • Expire Date:2000/4-2002/9

Diffserv, a technology currently being studied by the IETF, allows scalable QoS to be achieved on IP networks. ALTQ, a software module for UNIX systems, allowing the use of general-purpose Diffserv and other QoS control technology, is widely used by research groups around the world. WIDE's Diffserv Working Group has recently begun research and development work on a QoS policy management system using the COPS protocol.

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