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Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives (AI3)

  • Theme : Research and development of Internet technologies on satellite-link-based broadcast media.
  • Chair : Teruaki Yokoyama, Haruhito Watanabe
  • Home Page : http://www.ai3.net/
  • Started : 2002/11/06

AI3 WG is a working group which does research and development of the network technology and application about the Internet which uses satellites on the topic of the Internet spread in an Asian area. In AI3 WG, in order to further these research and development, we are working on not only research and development but also operation of the satellite Internet backbone called AI3 network.

Our current research and development activities are:

  • Asymmetric communication using unidirectional links
  • Satellite-link-based broadcast media for the Internet
  • Techology and applications using the satellite Internet
  • Promotion and support of the satellite Internet operation in an Asian region


2005/03 WG meeting at WIDE camp
2005/04 AI3 meeting
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