Security Area

To discuss security on internet.

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)

  • Theme : design of AAA architecture and deployment of AAA infrastructure
  • Chair : Fumio Teraoka
  • Started : 2009/01/17

When a user wants to get some services from the network, the service provider makes sure who the user is (authetication), gives the user the right to get the service (authorization), and records the usage of resources by the user(accounting). These procedures are called AAA. The purposes of AAA-WG are to build an AAA infrastructure based on Diameter in the WIDE Internet, to verify whether Diameter is suitable for an AAA architecture, and to design a future AAA architcture.

milestone :

  1. AAA-WG deploys an AAA infrastructure in the WIDE Internet using a Diameter implementation called "waaad", which we are implementing as open software. AAA-WG also implements and deploys some Diameter applications on the infrastructure. Based on these experiences, AAA-WG verifies whether the Diameter is suitable for a protocol for an AAA infrastructure.
  2. It seems that Diameter focuses mainly on AAA procedures related to network access. AAA-WG investigates an AAA infrastructure on which other various services can rely. For example, what architecture is suitable for an AAA infrastructure that supports Internet TV services, in which only contractors can watch the TV programs. AAA-WG designs a new AAA architecture if we judge that the Diameter architecture is not suitable for the future AAA architecture.
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