Operation/Management Area

To discuss internet and server management/operation technology.

NSPIXP (Network Service Provider Internet eXchange Point)

  • Theme : This working group discusses and verify/inspects the ISP's interconnection point with demonstrative method.
  • Chair : Takashi Tomine, Osamu Nakamura, Akira Kato
  • Started : 2002/10/29

Reasearhing object is the problem in the case of inter-connecting the Internet.

Followings are our hot topics:

  • Researching about the new network topology which considered future traffic volume in commercial internet at Internet eXchange Point
  • Researching of the routing control technology in layer 2 net and the path management technical method
  • Operating and Verifying the experimental IXP(Internet eXchange Point) such as DIX-IE at metropolitan area (distributed), NSPIXP-6 for IPv6 inter-connection and NSPIXP-3 at Osaka area (distributed)

milestone :

2004/09: Putting the provisional switch into operation at KDDI Otemachi Bldg.
2004/12: ISP exchanges meeting
2005/02: Deciding the new switch.
2005/04: IXP meeting
2005/10: IXP meeting
2005/e: Putting the new switch into operation.
2005/e: Supporting dual-stack environment in DIX-IE.
2005/e: Supporting dual-stack environment in NSPIXP-3.
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