Transport Area

Discussing the 4th and upper layer protocol and in case, 2nd layer.

Integrated Distributed Environment with Overlay Network (IDEON)

  • Theme : Focuses on research, development and operation of overlay networks and their architectures, and our lives depending on them.
  • Chair : Yusuke Doi, Kenji Saito
  • Started : 2002/10/23

IDEON (Integrated Distributed Environment with Overlay Network) is a working group of researchers who try to approach realization of the integrated distributed environment (IDE) through construction of overlay networks (ON).

IDEON focuses on research, development and operation of overlay networks as an infrastructure to realize free and creative rendezvous, location and routing. IDEON members are encouraged to actually live on the infrastructure to verify their designs.

Research topics include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Application-layer multicast
  • Operable distributed hash tables
  • Self-sustained trust management for distributed autonomous systems

The following is the list of specific development projects as of March 2007.

  • Overlay Weaver (an overlay construction toolkit)
  • wija (a pluggable Jabber/XMPP client intended to be a testbed for pursuing all possibilities of communication)
  • libcookai (a Pastry-based middleware for distributed games)
  • foundation PKI (trust management / implementation in SNS)
  • mchord (an implementation of Chord)
  • PuchiChord (an implementation of Chord as a research platform)
  • CCS (Content Cruising System)
  • P2P@i (a virtual IP network with an implementation of Symphony)
  • CHOP6 (a vicinity-based DHT using IPv6 address prefixes)
  • N-TAP (a large-scale distributed measurement)

For the detailed plans of specific projects, please refer to the web pages of each project.

Glossary :

Having no restriction whatsoever as to with which peers one can communicate.
Being able to select a set of peers according to one's objectives, requirements, needs and contexts so that communication becomes most valuable for the participants.
To identify such a peer.
To locate such a peer in the overlay networks by the acquired identifier.
To deliver a message to such a peer on the acquired location.
[Overlay Network]
An application-specific virtual network of peers over the IP network to realize rendezvous, location and routing over an appropriate abstraction of entities.

milestone :

Activities in IDEON can be outlined as follows:

{understand -> build -> try}* -> deploy | live

(where * denotes repetition, and | denotes concurrency.)

Currently, all our development projects are in "deploy" phase. It is our goal that the number of users of wija and its major plug-in i-WAT will reach over 20,000 people by the end of September 2007.