Transport Area Working Groups :Discussing the 4th and upper layer protocol and in case, 2nd layer.

DNS Discusses the implementation, operation, evaluation, and analysis of the DNS protocol.
(Integrated Distributed Environment with Overlay Network)
Conducts research and development into the overlay network, which forms an infrastructure for what we call P2P applications.
taca Conducts research into the technologies necessary for home networks.
(Stream Control Transmission Protocol)
In this working group, we discuss topics related to SCTP(Stream Control Transmission Protocol) which is receiving attention in the IETF community as the successor of TCP.
Discussions in this working group may also include topics related to other transport protocols such as DCCP(Datagram Congestion Control Protocol) or generic issues related to transport protocols as needs arise.
(Scalabel Adaptive Multicast)
Discussion on group communication technology such as Scalable Adaptive Multicast.
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