Racoon2 Project

*Racoon2 Project Official Homepage : http://www.racoon2.wide.ad.jp/
*Getting Software via FTP / HTTP

XIRD -- common XML Interface to Relational Database

*A page for announcement (Japanese Only) http://member.wide.ad.jp/wg/xird/

KUMA Project

KUMA Project is the joint effort formed by two universities in Japan. We aim to design, implement and establish the framework of "Quality of Communication", and deploy it through out the Internet.

AYAME Project

Getting Software via http://www.ayame.org/


Getting Software via http://www.xcast.jp/

DVTS Software

DVTS (Digital Video Transport System) is an application for sending and receiving DV(Digital Video) streams using the Internet.

KAME Softare

*Getting KAME Software http://www.kame.net/retrieve.html

USAGI Software

*Getting USAGI Software via FTP / cvs / cvsweb / rsync

TAHI Software

*Latest Release Tools http://www.tahi.org/release/

PFS -- Personal File System

PFS (Personal File System) is a portable network file sharing system designed for mobile computers. It can dynamically adapts for variety of network speeds and bandwidths includes disconnection. PFS can run on variety of UNIX variants.
Homepage for PFS

Mew -- Messaging in the Emacs World

*Mew Official Homepage http://www.mew.org/
*SourcePackage(mew-current.tar.gz) ftp://www.mew.org/pub/Mew/

WIDE Patch Kit for sendmail

*A page for announcement (English Only) http://member.wide.ad.jp/wg/smtp/sendmail.html
*Directory for distribution of the patch kit ftp://member.wide.ad.jp/WIDE/free-ware/sendmail/

CF -- a sendmail.cf generator

*A page for announcement (English Only) http://member.wide.ad.jp/wg/smtp/smtpfeed.html
*Directory for distribution of the package ftp://member.wide.ad.jp/WIDE/free-ware/smtpfeed/


*README http://www.fujitsu.co.jp/hypertext/pet/
*Source Package (pet-3.56.tar.gz) ftp://sh.wide.ad.jp/WIDE/free-ware/pet/pet-3.56.tar.gz(1996/2/23, 774398 bytes)


*README http://www.wide.ad.jp/software/README-j.fjpem1.2.txt
*Source Package (fjpem1.2.tar.gz) ftp://sh.wide.ad.jp/WIDE/free-ware/fjpem/fjpem1.2.tar.gz(1995/3/16, 883169 bytes)


*README http://www.wide.ad.jp/software/README.dhcp.txt
*Source Package (dhcp-current.tar.gz)ftp://sh.wide.ad.jp/WIDE/free-ware/dhcp/dhcp-current.tar.gz
*Patch for OpenBSD ftp://ftp.ics.nara-wu.ac.jp/pub/wd/src/dhcp/dhcp-1.4.0p1.OpenBSD.patch(by Hiroyasu KAMO at Nara Woman's University)
Advertising clause is deleted from the copyright notice.ftp://sh.wide.ad.jp/WIDE/free-ware/dhcp/Copyright-20100305.txt


*README http://www.wide.ad.jp/software/README-j.telnetx.src.940305.txt
*Source Package (telnetx.src.940305.tar.gz) ftp://sh.wide.ad.jp/WIDE/free-ware/telnetx/telnetx.src.940305.tar.gz(1994/3/24, 250840 bytes)


WWFS (WorldWide File System, or Waku-Waku File System) is a filesystem which extends NFS over the Internet, while achieving simplicity, scalability, and compatibility. WWFS users can access existing FTP archives without expert knowledge of the Internet and other network applications.
*README http://www.wide.ad.jp/archives/software/README.wwfs-109.5.html
*Source Package (wwfs-109.5.tar.gz) ftp://sh.wide.ad.jp/WIDE/free-ware/wwfs/wwfs-109.5.tar.gz(1994/3/4, 364993 bytes)

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