Operation and Management Area:To discuss internet and server management/operation technology.

SINDAN The goal of this WG is to establish a method to evaluate the state based on observations from the user and to establish a method that enables network operators to grasp problems quickly.
(Internet Relay Chat)
Development of IRC related software and the operation of IRC servers.
MAWI Focuses on the measurement and analysis of Internet traffic.
(network management)
Extracts information from network nodes and processes it for practical use in network management.
(Trouble Ticket System)
Discusses the design of network operation management systems "Trouble ticket systems" and their implementation.
two Focuses on discussions relating to the construction and operation of the WIDE Internet Backbone and its implementation.
NSPIXP Verifies the problems associated with interconnecting ISP (Internet Service Providers) through the operation of Internet exchanges such as DIX-IE and NSPIXP-3.
m6bone Research related to IP multicast operation and application development.
cybex In cybex-wg, we survey, develop, standardize and deploy technologies about CYBEX.
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